Elementary School Teacher Appreciation Ideas

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It’s important to honor the amazing teachers who make such a difference in your school. Whether you celebrate them all year long or go all out during Teacher Appreciation Week, your teachers love to be recognized for all their hard work. Here are a few teacher appreciation ideas that you can try at your school.

Add a Personal Touch Teacher_Appreciation_Banner

Personal touches make teacher appreciation ideas more meaningful. Purchase custom imprinted teacher appreciation gifts that feature inspirational messages. Then, add a personal note to each one. Even better, get the students involved in creating personal gifts for their teachers.

  • Make a video and let each student tell something they love about their teacher.
  • Make banners and signs to hang around each classroom.
  • Have students create personal cards for their teachers

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Roll out the red carpet – literally and figuratively – for your teachers. Give them the VIP treatment and put them in the spotlight to showcase the contributions they make to your school. Try these fun ideas:

  • Create a red carpet entrance into the teachers’ lounge or classrooms.
  • Walk of fame!  Give each teacher his or her own star on a hallway “Walk of Fame.” For a personal touch, let students create the stars and draw or write what they love about their teacher.
  • Crown them royal style!  Crown teachers with tiaras or crowns let them wear their royal accessories all day long.
  • Swag bags!  Fill gift bags with a variety of small gifts for each teacher
  • Photo Ops!  Take teachers’ photos as they walk into school. Display them on a collage or banner in a common area.

Teacher_Appreciation_UmbrellaShower Teachers With Gifts

While Teacher Appreciation Week is more about recognizing your teachers in non-tangible ways, it is nice to present teachers with gifts and tokens as daily reminders of your gratitude. Hand out certificates that teachers can hang in their classrooms or present teachers with handy gifts that they will use every day. Here are some fun ideas:

Teacher recognition is so important to keeping teachers motivated and inspired to keep up their great work. Use these easy teacher appreciation ideas to help them feel the love during Teacher Appreciation Week and all year long.

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