Introducing: It’s Elementary Funds

Fundraising is as much a part of the elementary school experience as Teacher Appreciation Week and graduation. Our new online platform It’s Elementary Funds can help with your school fundraising needs–and it’s FREE! We have more FREE ways to raise money than any of our competitors.

ItsElementary Funds template

Set Up A Fundraiser in Minutes

Setting up a fundraiser is easy with our instant fundraiser templates! Where you’re ready, select the best template to easily start raising money for your elementary school. 

  • Proven ideas to help you raise funds
  • User-friendly platform walks you through each step
  • Customizable web pages and emails

Fun Features

It’s Elementary Funds offers a variety of online tools. Use these resources to help your fundraiser run smoothly. With a little help from us, you can raise more than ever. All features can be completely customized! Add your school’s logo, mascot, and colors so your online fundraiser matches your elementary school. These are five examples of fundraising tools available to you:

  • “Master” event web page
  • Ticket sales
  • Sponsorship options
  • Donation pages
  • Build-your-own online school store
It’s Elementary Funds can help raise money for school playground improvements.

Reasons for Fundraising

Does your elementary school have a fundraising “wish list?” Whether you need to raise funds for small or large projects, this fundraising platform can help. Use the features and tools on It’s Elementary Funds for help with any or all of the following and more.

  • Playground improvements
  • Class field trips
  • School supplies
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Building needs
  • Graduation
school wreath fundraiser
Organize a holiday wreath sales school fundraiser!

Top Fundraising Ideas

Have you ever stopped to think about the different types of fundraisers? No matter which fundraising idea you decide upon, It’s Elementary Funds is here to help. Any of these popular school fundraisers will help your budget. They are also great ways to bring your community together. And don’t forget to visit to find even MORE fundraising ideas.

  • Classroom wishlists
  • Holiday Wreath Sales
  • Annual Read-A-Thons
  • Artwork Auction
  • Family Fun Runs
  • Ticket Sales

We’re excited to bring you this new program. It’s Elementary Funds will be going live soon! Check your mailbox for updates about the official launch date. We wish you well with all your elementary school fundraising and the upcoming school year.