11 ideas for school fundraising

11 “A-thon” Fundraising Ideas for Your Elementary School

Fundraising has always been an important part of the elementary school experience. School fundraisers are engaging, and provide interactive opportunities with your community. They also offer valuable educational lessons for students, like teamwork and resilience. The “a-thon” fundraisers are some of the most popular fundraising ideas! Let’s dive into the top 11 elementary school fundraising “a-thons.” 

elementary school read-a-thon


A Read-a-Thon is one of the top “a-thon” ideas for elementary schools. Read-a-Thons encourage students to embark on literary adventures while raising funds for your school. Participants solicit pledges based on the number of pages or books read within a specified time frame.


Elementary school students of all ages can participate in a Walk-a-Thon. This fundraiser promotes physical activity and healthy living. Students gather pledges for each mile walked. Students can take walks with their families outside of school and log the time. You can also use your school track on a specific day (or two) for this “a-thon.”

bike-a-thon fundraising idea


Kids love riding their bikes! Organize a Bike-a-Thon where students ride their way to fundraising success. Whether cycling laps around the school track or enjoying bike rides with their families, students gain pledges per mile biked. It’s a great way promote physical fitness and environmental awareness.


This fundraiser lets your students secure pledges for every hour spent grooving to the beat. Transform your elementary school gymnasium into a lively dance floor for a Dance-a-Thon. Set up Photo Props and other backgrounds for photo ops. These can give kids a quick break and add another interactive element to the event.


A Math-a-thon is a fun non-physical “a-thon” fundraiser! This school fundraiser challenges kids to flex their math muscles while raising money. The money earned can go towards school field trips, new equipment, special programs, etc. Kids solve math problems or complete math activities while gathering pledges.

art-a-thon fundraising idea


This is another creative, non-physical “a-thon.” An Art-a-Thon helps students unleash their creativity with their artistic talents in order to support your school. From painting to crafting, your students show their creativity while gathering pledges.


Elementary school students love technology. The Tech-a-Thon lets students use technology as a way to fundraise for their school. Kids show off their tech savviness while raising money for your school. They do this through coding apps, designing websites, or creating multimedia presentations.


Organize a Science-a-Thon that goes hand-in-hand with your elementary school’s STEM or STEAM program. Students can conduct experiments to explore STEM concepts and delve into the world of science while gathering pledges. The money earned through this fundraiser can support hands-on scientific learning, classroom equipment, and more.


Use a Service-a-Thon in your elementary school to raise funds for school programs and encourage your students to get involved with their school and/or community. Students can participate in a variety of community services to raise funds. A few ideas are volunteering at local shelters, cleaning up parks, or organizing donation drives (food, toys, books). 

dog walk-a-thon fundraiser idea


Is there anything cuter than kids and dogs? Your elementary school students will LOVE this “a-thon” fundraiser. It’s a fun twist on the traditional walk-a-thon. Students can walk their family dogs on local trails, around the neighborhood, or your school track.


If you’re looking for a more unique fundraiser, a Hula Hoop-a-Thon is a fun idea. It will get your students moving and it’s fun for adults, too! Students can exercise and show off their skills and gain pledges for every minute they spend hula hooping at home or at school.

hula hoop-a-thon

These 11 “a-thon” ideas for elementary school fundraising do more than help your budget. They also foster a sense of community, promote learning, and empower students to make a difference. And everyone has a fun time!