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Easy Elementary School Dance Ideas

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It’s springtime, and that means it’s time for your elementary school spring dance. Whether you’re putting on a Daddy/Daughter Dance, spring sock hop, or other social event, here are some easy elementary school dance ideas to get you started.

Dance Admissions

Safety is always a priority for any elementary school event. A “quick-win” way to keep the event secure is to control admissions. Here are a few easy ways to do this:

  • Admission Tickets: Sell or distribute standard admission tickets and post a parent volunteer at the door on dance night to collect them. No ticket- no admission.
  • Admission Wristbands:  Instead of tickets, sell custom wristbands imprinted with your school name or dance theme. Wristbands can do double-duty as dance keepsakes, too.
  • Neck Straps: Create a special dance ID badge to attach to students’ neck straps.

Dance Food and Concessions Elementary_School_dance-ideas

All that dancing is sure to make people hungry, so be sure to offer refreshments to keep dancers going all evening long. Provide traditional dance food, like cookies, punch, and a vegetable or fruit platter. To add a little variety – and raise some money for your school – consider setting up concession equipment and selling concessions, like you would for a sporting event or carnival. Some fun ideas:

  • Popcorn! An easy and fun snack for all ages.
  • Hot dogs!  A kid favorite!
  • Nachos!  Offer fun toppings!
  • Cotton candy!  A must-have for every event!

For a fun twist on elementary school dance ideas, you could also set up a candy buffet. Choose candies in your school or theme colors, or offer a mixture, and provide containers so guests can help themselves.

Dance Decorations

Décor is key when it comes to creating the perfect school dance. The decorations don’t need to be complicated, but they should set a fun and memorable tone for the event. Start with a custom banner at the door to announce the event or theme. Then, use traditional decorations, like balloons, fabric, and crepe paper, to set the stage. After that, the sky’s the limit. Shake things up by adding fun décor, like life size cardboard stand ups, columns, and theme props.

 andersons_elementary_school_dance-ideasFun and Games

Yes, it’s a dance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include other fun and engaging activities to keep guests entertained.

  • Set up a games area with carnival games, like ring toss, mini golf, and duck pond.
  • Have a dance-off. See who can dance the longest or do the most complicated moves. Award a small prize to the winner.
  • Include a selfie station or photo booth. Provide photo props, life size cut outs, and dress up clothes to maximize the fun.

These easy elementary school dance ideas can apply to other events at your school, too. Use them as a jumping off point to quickly and easily create fun and memorable events for your students.