Year-End Student Award and Recognition Ideas

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Andersons-Award-PinsAll achievements are worth celebrating; find a reason to honor every student.

High School awards ceremonies are in full swing. While some students look forward to the occasion, recognition of their accomplishments is a big deal, others shy away. The event can feel awkward and even shameful; a reminder of their shortcomings.

Why not celebrate all students and their accomplishments, big or small. Of course the Honor students deserve praise, and we recognize the fact that while finding something to celebrate in every student may be a challenge, it also has it’s rewards. Pride and self confidence are huge stepping stones on the path to success. A little boost never hurt anyone.

Anderson's Attendance PinHere are some  ideas for school awards to recognize students at the end of the year:

When rewarding students be sure to make it a special event. Awards banquets are a great place to give out awards. Or ask teachers and coaches to give out awards to their star students individually. Include a certificate if you can and be sure to tell the student why you appreciate them.

Anderson's BackpackMake it extra special by giving them a fun gift in addition to the award itself. For example, a bag, drinkware, apparel or electronics item. This way each time the student uses their gift they’ll remember why they received it and feel proud and accomplished.

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