Reward Students Who Reach Their New Year’s Resolutions

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160-20-grad-555As a middle school educator, you can use the new year of 2014 as a unique opportunity in your character education class or unit. Have each student make a New Year’s resolution, write it down, and post it on your classroom bulletin board. Here are some New Year’s resolution ideas below you can use as examples for your students:

1. “I will stop procrastinating.”

(e.g., doing homework at a set time every day, doing chores when asked)

2. “I will keep a calendar to stay organized.”

This is a great resolution for students involved in activities.

3. “I will exercise more.”

Getting up and moving help kids stay focused and will lead to better grades

4. “I will get more sleep.”

Kids who don’t study late into the night may see a boost in their grades because they are well rested.

5. “I will break my social media habit.”

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are big distractions for middle school kids during study time.

6. “I will volunteer more.”

Helping out in their community will increase students’ self-confidence.

Once all of your students’ resolutions are posted, stock up on Achievement Certificates. When one of your students accomplishes their resolution, reward him or her with a certificate. Receiving a tangible award for a resolution (and we all know they can be difficult) is not only a great morale booster, but it shows students the value of setting goals. While a sense of self-satisfaction is wonderful, middle school students usually benefit when their efforts are recognized and rewarded.

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