Top 5 Items to Recognize Elementary School Birthdays

Student birthdays are always a big deal, especially in elementary school. Of course, birthdays are always celebrations no matter what the students’ age, and you should be prepared for all of them. Recognize every elementary school students’ birthday throughout the school year with these five fun birthday gift ideas.

1. Birthday Award Pins birthday_award_pin

Colorful birthday award pins are always fun and functional ideas for student gifts. They are small, but meaningful, ways to acknowledge every elementary school birthday, and recipients will love to display their birthday pins on clothing or backpacks in honor of their big days.

2. Happy Birthday Wristbands

Elementary school students love awards and gifts that they can use again and again. Birthday wristbands come in a variety of bright colors that your students will love to wear all day long.

birhday_pencil_eraser_tub3. Birthday Pencils and Pencil Toppers

Hand out functional gifts like pencils and pencil erasers for elementary school birthdays. Not only are pencils and accessories easy gifts to hand out, they are also inexpensive options that won’t hurt your budget. Pencils are birthday gifts students will use for quite a while, every time they do their homework, in-class work, and tests.

4. Birthday Prize Boxes

Create prize boxes as unique ways to celebrate elementary school student birthdays. Decorate a box and fill it with small gifts (pins, pencils, charm clips, dog tags, coin purses). On each student birthday the lucky boy or girl can reach inside for their birthday prize! Another way to use a birthday prize box is to have every other student in the class write down a birthday wish and then present the entire box as a gift–filled with birthday wishes–to the birthday boy or girl on the special day.

5. Birthday Cards student_birthday_card_assortment

Birthday cards are great ways to add special, personalized touches to student birthday gifts. Choose a birthday card assortment or stock up on cards of the same design, so you always have cards on hand to acknowledge birthdays. Be sure to write a personal note for each student to make him or her feel super special on the big day.

BONUS IDEA: Don’t forget to acknowledge all those summer birthdays, too! 

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