Middle School Milestone: The Completion Ceremony

Start a new tradition at your middle school with a completion ceremony, a once-in-a-lifetime milestone! A completion ceremony is similar to a high school graduation ceremony but can be much less formal. Completion ceremonies are not so much about marking the end of a student’s middle school years but celebrating the beginning of the transition into high school. We’ve put together a few tips to help you get organized for your completion ceremony.

Plan the Program and Venue andersons_MSgrad

Make sure you have plenty of space to hold all of your students’ proud parents and family during the ceremony. Venue ideas include your auditorium, outdoor grounds, or local stadium. Once you have the venue, it’s time to plan the program. Use some of these ideas for your program:

• Teacher and/or principal speeches

• Student council president speech

• Student awards

• Band and/or choir concert

middle_school_graduation_cap_and_tasselSuper Supplies and Amazing Awards

A completion ceremony doesn’t have to be stuffy with students sitting awkwardly, looking at their watches, while the adults speak. Here are the top five supplies and student awards to make your completion ceremony more memorable.

Graduation gear – caps, gowns, and tassels help create a look and feeling of unity

Decorations use gossamer, balloons, and more to dress up your ceremony space

Certificates or diplomas – great keepsakes that parents and students can frame and cherish

Award pinsstudents can proudly display their awards on jackets or backpacks

Medallions recognize star students in every subject with a stock design medallion

A Cool Reception Andersons_msreception

Once the completion ceremony is over, have a reception. This can be as formal or informal as you like. From a casual dinner to cookies and lemonade, a reception will give students, parents, and other adults a time to socialize and take photos.

Once the awards have been handed out and the reception is over, let your students cut loose. The reception is a great opportunity for students to interact with their friends, take photos, and have fun. Make sure you have plenty of snacks, decorations, favors, photo props, and games for your students to enjoy.

Each middle school is unique, and your completion ceremony is an important milestone that should match your school’s traditions and style. This is an exciting time of transition for your students. Make sure they know you support them as they leave their middle school years behind them and eagerly transition into a high school setting.

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