5 Ways to Celebrate Your Middle School Graduation

Celebrating a middle school graduation can be anything from a formal ceremony to casual get together to simple function. We have five fun celebration ideas for you to try next June. Choose the one that fits your middle school’s needs, style, size, and traditions.

1. Traditional Graduation Ceremony middle_school_graduation_cap_and_tassel

Go all out for your middle school graduation with a complete graduation ceremony like high school seniors have.  Have students parade in to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance,” include speeches by your principal and the student with the highest GPA, and then hand out diplomas or certificates. Make sure you order caps and gowns early enough so every student is dressed appropriately for graduation–from head to toe!

2. Class Picnic

An outdoor class picnic is a big, fun idea that every student will want to participate in. You can choose to have a big barbecue with hot dogs, burgers, chips, watermelon, and soda, or organize a picnic potluck among the teachers and staff. Hold games and contests for the students to participate in like a tug of war, potato sack races, or a sponge toss. The important thing is get outside and let your graduating class have lots of fun!

High_school_building 3. Trip to the High School

You can also be very practical with how you commemorate a middle school graduation. Try organizing a trip and tour of the high school that your students will be attending in the fall. This will help ease any anxieties they may have about going to a bigger school and fitting in. The experience will also give them a chance to ask questions and get used to the school’s layout.

4. Have a Cake and Punch Party

Marking a middle school graduation can also be a simple affair; all you need is two things: cake and punch. Depending upon the size of your middle school graduating class you can order one or several sheet cakes from a local bakery. (To save costs, you can ask PTO/PTA members and staff members who like baking to bake the cake(s)). Punch is also fairly inexpensive. Then, all you have to do is pick a day and let everyone know when the treats will be served!

5.  Completion Ceremony andersons_MSgrad

A completion ceremony is a more casual version of a graduation ceremony. You don’t need caps and gowns or formal music.Instead of marching in to the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance,” have students march into the ceremony to popular inspirational tunes. While you can determine exactly what fits your school’s style, a completion ceremony typically has a few speeches by the principal and/or teachers, and then student recognition awards, like certificates, medallions, pins, and T-shirts are handed out. Be sure to order all your awards in plenty of time to meet your event date.

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