Summer Youth Camps – 5 Fun Ideas

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Summer CampSummer is the perfect time to build connections and community bonds. A great way to do that is to host Summer Youth Camps with High School Students offering lessons in their favorite activities to local youth.

Hosting a summer youth camp has many rewards for both the teens and the kids.

  • Mentors are made
  • Bonds are formed
  • Kids discover interest in new activities
  • Kids develop new appreciation for sports
  • Community spirit and respect happens
  • Kids gain valuable life skills
  • Memories that last a lifetime are made
  • School Spirit is born at a young age
  • Big Fundraising opportunity for Fall sports and events.

Here are 5 fun ideas for Youth Summer Camp:

  1. Sports Camp – host a camp featuring one sport or a variety of sports. Football, baseball, swimming, and tennis camp are all possibilities. Kids love to learn skills and always look up to their teen leaders. Miniature footballs or sport relevant items are a fun giveaway during camp.
  2. Dance Line or Cheer Team Camp – Young cheerleaders and dancers will be giddy about spending a week with the High School cheerleaders they look up to. Teach them some basic moves, plan a short presentation, and hand out spirit shakers and cheek cheers to all the participants.
  3. Arts & Crafts Camp – Art students can lead a camp for budding artists. Teach some basics of painting, drawing, sculpture and textiles. Create group projects or individual projects with arts & crafts kits and supplies that make planning easy. Hand out Art Fun Packs to all the participants at the end of the week.
  4. Science Camp – Little scientists will revel in learning about science, astronomy, biology. Simple projects and experiments will keep them on their toes! Science Certificates are a great reward at the end of camp.
  5. Drama Camp – Drama students can teach basic skills and work on a short play or performance with the little thesbians for their families at the end of the camp. Drama Awards are a fun way to celebrate their growth.

Swim Camp


  • Keep kids active and engaged at all times. It’s easy to lose control when kids get rambunctious.
  • Plan activities that will challenge them, but give them plenty of “fun” time also.
  • Celebrate their achievements, no matter how big or small, it is important to recognize each and every child.
  • Reward their growth and good behavior.
  • No matter what the subject of your camp, make sure to invite parents for a show or presentation on the last day. It’s a great way to continue engagement and interaction.
  • Consider offering the kids and parents an incentive to come to a play, concert, or sporting event next fall. A deal on tickets, or possibly select one game or performance and invite the kids on stage or on the field during a break to acknowledge them.
  • View this opportunity as not only a way to connect, but also to raise funds. Selling spirit items, or items with your camp name will be a hit with the kids and parents. Consider backpackstumblerssunglasses and t-shirts. They’ll love a memento and you’ll love the extra funds.