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School Fundraising

The secret to successful fundraising is knowledge: knowing what you need (money), how to get it (sell a good or service), who your market is (students, parents and the community), what they want (do you have what they’re looking for?) and how much time you have (when is your event?). Armed with this knowledge, you can create a successful and profitable fundraiser in no time.

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One Person’s Junk….

Everyone will find some new treasures at a school-wide rummage sale! Ask students, teachers and parents to raid their closets, bedrooms and music collections for items to donate. Then, have a huge sale (invite community members!) in the school gym with all the proceeds going to finance your event. This committee should work closely with all the committees to ensure proper funding for the event. The Budget and Fundraising Committees can work together to ensure that there is enough money in the bank.

Water, Water Everywhere

Host a fun car or dog wash! Get student or parent volunteers to wash, dry and polish the cars (or dogs!), and make signs to let the community know you are open for business. Provide hoses, buckets, soap, towels and refreshments for the crew. The money will add up in no time!

Pets on Parade

Whose cat is the cutest? Which dog has the most talent? Who has the most charismatic lizard? Let the judges decide by holding a pet pageant in your school gym. Have students and teachers pay an entry fee and bring their pets to vie for the title in a variety of categories. Everyone will have a great time, and you’ll earn extra money for your event.

Show Business!

Let all the singers, dancers, jugglers and baton twirlers at your school have their moment in the spotlight with a school-wide talent show. Get parents involved, too, and let them strut their stuff while their kids sit in the audience and watch them. Advertise in the community and charge a small admission fee.

Food is Fun

For hands-on food fun, host a Build-Your-Own-Sandwich or ice cream sundae event! Charge an entry fee and provide the fixin’s (See if you can get a local business to donate the provisions). Give small prizes for the biggest, most creative and most disgusting food creation.

Do you have any fun fundraising ideas to share with our readers? The more the merrier!!