Making Memory Books

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Contributed by Teresa M., Teacher, Shelbyville, IN

I love Memory Books! 

As a parent of college kids, I really enjoy flipping through their memory books from kindergarten and first grades. As a teacher, I know there is so much work involved in a good memory book.  I have found that it isn’t quantity, but quality that makes a great book.

I try to have students create a page with each theme/month, and then I add a photograph to that creation.  Students love to create the border around a photograph with giant stamps like the Imaginative Play Giant Stamps from Anderson’s. Sometimes even a cut-out like the Big Kid cutouts also from Anderson’s make for a great photo frame. Sometimes I add a little more to the book, but I try to make sure the work is the student’s and that the pages really show the child’s development and growth.  Then I end with a special poem to parents about cherishing the moments.