A Father’s Day Gift Dad Will Love

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When Father’s day rolls around, we sometimes struggle for ideas. It’s hard to come up with something “Dad” related, that can be made by the kids.

This one fit’s the bill! A simple craft project for Father’s Day that kids will enjoy making and dads will love!




  • Blank frames (one per child)
  • Hardware Nuts in a variety of sizes
  • Paint, markers, crayons, glue
  • A photo of each child








Simple Steps:


  • Start with blank frames. (one per child)
  • Kids can paint the frame any color. Crayons or markers would work for younger kids. Allow to dry.
  • Using a contrasting paint or marker write across the top, “I’m Nuts About You Dad!” If the kids are old enough, they could do this step themselves.
  • Add the child’s name across the bottom.
  • Let the kids attach several nuts to the frame wherever there are no words. Use a strong glue such as hot clue or craft clue. (white school glue may not be strong enough for this.)
  • Put a photo of each child in their frame.
  • Add the date on the back.

Allow to dry, and that’s all there is to it! A dad-inspired gift handmade by their child.



Do you have another easy craft idea for Father’s Day?