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Appreciation Speaker With Charging Pad - Thanks For Helping Us Grow

Teachers, staff members, and school volunteers love it when you show your appreciation for all they do, and they love it even more when you give them appreciation gifts they can really use, like this Thanks For Helping Us Grow Speaker With Charging Pad. They'll use it every day and be reminded of how much you value them. Made of ABS material with a woodgrain finish, the 3" diameter speaker includes a built-in charging pad on top that will wirelessly charge any compatible device. Pair the speaker with your device from up to 30 feet away to enjoy dynamic stereo sound using Bluetooth® technology. Includes a non-stick bottom, LED indicator, and micro USB input with cord. Our "Thanks For Helping Us Grow" imprint will be featured on the top as shown. NOTE: Some computer and laptop USB ports may not supply enough power to charge a device with this charging pad.