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When you're looking for school spirit products for your elementary school, our fun and trendy sunglasses really fit the bill! At It's Elementary, we offer the most popular sunglasses styles in amazing colors that you can match to your school colors. Choose from mood sunglass, paw print sunglasses, and junior size sunglasses that will make your students and staff the coolest in the school. And you can customize many of our sunglasses with your school name, which makes them perfect choices for student or staff awards, carnival prizes, and favors for theme events. Keep it cool in your elementary school! Shop with us now for school spirit sunglasses for all your students, teachers, and staff.

Paw Print Sunglasses

Retail Price: $4.19
Our Price: $2.99

Kids Neon Sunglasses

Price: $1.99

Junior Size Neon Sunglasses

Retail Price: $3.24
Our Price: $1.99

Mood Sunglasses

Retail Price: $4.49
Our Price: $3.29

Neon Band Sunglasses

Retail Price: $2.29
Our Price: $1.99