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Toys and Novelties

Make all your elementary school events more fun with toys and novelty items from It's Elementary. With one of the top online selections of toys and novelties, we have all the fun stuff your students want, including paw items, scented products, key chains, jewelry, and so much more. Whether you're filling classroom treasure chests, looking for school carnival prizes, shopping for student awards, or stocking your school store, you'll find the coolest, trendiest, and most fun toys and novelty items right here. And at these great prices, you can afford to stock up, so you'll have plenty on hand for all your elementary school needs.

Scented Key Chains

Price: $1.89

Emoticon Kickbags

Price: $1.29

Glow Yo-Yo

Price: $1.89

Jumbo Chalk Two Pack

Price: $0.99

Kids Neon Sunglasses

Price: $1.99

Smiley Face Slime

Price: $0.99

Wiggle Eye Rings

Price: $1.99

Stretch Smile Men

Price: $1.99

Smiley Face Balls

Price: $9.99

Jumping Putties

Price: $7.99

Smiley Face Tumblers

Price: $0.99

Assorted Yo Yos

Price: $16.99

Sticky Hands

Price: $5.99