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Spirit Poms

When it comes time to cheer for your school or students, be sure your school is well stocked with colorful spirit poms. At It's Elementary, we offer one-color shakers, two-color shakers, and even custom shakers that you can personalize with your school name and colors. Our colorful pom poms are affordable and fun fan gear that let your students, staff and parents show their school spirit at sporting events, Field Day, school carnivals, and other school events. When your school has something to cheer about, give them something to cheer with  by stocking our spirit poms in your school store and concession stands.

Two-color Spirit Pom-Pom

Retail Price: $1.14 - $1.29
As low as: $0.57

Rally Set

Price: $4.99

One-color Spirit Pom-Pom

Retail Price: $1.29
As low as: $0.57

Custom Shaker

Retail Price: $1.74
As low as: $0.99

Pom-Poms with Custom Stick Handle - Two Colors

Retail Price: $2.45
As low as: $1.19

Wide Strand Pom Pom

Retail Price: $3.39
As low as: $0.99