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Pencil Tubs

Our convenient pencil tubs make it easy to keep your elementary school stocked with pencils all year long. Whether you're stocking your classrooms, school store, or office, our pencil tubs ensure that you'll never run out of the pencils your students, teachers, and staff love! And we have so many themes to choose from: inspirational and motivational, holiday, birthday, Honor Roll, attendance, paw, Disney®, scented, and so much more. Because they come packaged in handy tubs, distribution and organization are a piece of cake. Everyone in your school needs pencils, so stock up now on these quick, easy, and convenient pencil tubs.

Assorted Pencil Tub

Price: $24.99

Pencil Tub- Neon Paw

As low as: $34.49

Mechanical Pencil Tub

Price: $19.99

Pencil Tub- Motivational

As low as: $34.49