Anderson's It's Elementary

Anti-drug Pencil - Proud to Be Drug Free

Keep your elementary school students actively engaged in your school's anti-drug culture with this Proud to Be Drug Free Pencil that they will love to use every day. A fun, age-appropriate way to promote your drug free message, this classic wood pencil includes #2 lead, so it's perfect for test taking or homework. The high-quality wood barrel ensures smooth sharpening to help reduce time-wasting visits to the pencil sharpener, and the sturdy white eraser makes erasing smooth and easy. Present this pencil as a student incentive at the start of the school year or during your school's D.A.R.E. program to reinforce your school's stance on drugs. The design comes in assorted metallic colors; please let us choose for you. Mix and match stock pencil designs from our huge selection of award pencils to meet order minimum.