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Quick Lockdown Door Magnet

This Quick Lockdown Door Magnet may be small, but it's a powerful safety tool for your school. In a lockdown situation, time is of the essence, and spending time looking for keys to lock classroom doors can mean putting lives at risk. Our Lockdown Door Magnet offers a super quick, efficient, and effective way to lock doors in seconds without the expense and hassle of installing a major security system. The 1 3/4" wide x 12" high magnet attracts to a metal door jamb directly over the latch plate. If a lockdown occurs, simply remove the magnet to allow the door to lock. No wasting precious time looking for keys to lock the door. The color-coded ends help easily alert first responders to your safety needs. Put the red end out the bottom of the door to signify assistance needed or the green end out to show all clear. The magnet comes with the center design as shown, the "Quick Lock" logo and "All Clear" wording in the green portion and the "Do Not Remove" and "Need Assistance" wording in the red portion. Your choice of one-color imprint will be featured in 2 locations: above and below the pre-printed areas as shown. Keep your school safer in a quick, easy, and affordable way with this Lockdown Door Magnet.