Anderson's It's Elementary

Bald Eagle Mascot Costume

Inspire lots of school pride in your elementary school students, teachers, parents, and volunteers with a Bald Eagle Mascot Costume. It's a must-have school spirit item for Field Day, sports games, carnivals, pep rallies, parades, and any other school event that requires the appearance of your school's eagle mascot. Made with the finest materials, this eagle costume can withstand any activity. Once the wearer has put on the costume he or she will see through the mouth! Features include a built-in helmet with adjustable chin strap to keep the head portion in place, body, gloves, tights, and neoprene soled feet. Your Bald Eagle Mascot Costume is a great investment for your school for years to come! NOTE: A free "Mascot Care" kit is included. Made in the USA.