Anderson's It's Elementary

Notebook Backpack

This handy Notebook Backpack is a jack-of-all trades and a "must-have" school supply for all age groups at your elementary school. It's not bulky or thick, so younger students will find it easy to carry all by themselves (and they'll feel like "big kids" every day), and at 14" x 18" and with drawstring closures and reinforced corners, the bag is big enough and sturdy enough for older students to tote their homework and books to and from school. It's also perfect for field trips AND it folds up when needed to easily fit inside a purse or pocket. Add your school name or choice of one-color text to the front of the backpack to customize it for your school. Hand it out to students to welcome them back to school, stock the backpack in your school store, or sell the bag as a fun fundraiser to raise money for your school, team, or school organization.