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How to Be the Best School Mascot in 9 Steps

cardinal mascot costume

Congratulations! You’ve been through the tryouts and YOU have been given the honor of acting as your school mascot. Wearing that mascot costume is going to be a blast–and a big responsibility. Follow these nine steps to be the best school mascot your elementary school has ever seen.

Step 1: You need to WANT to be the mascot.

Being the school mascot isn’t just about wearing a costume. You have to want to be part actor, athlete, comedian, and stunt man. This can be a month-long or year-long commitment, so you need to want to do it and stick with it.

Step 2: Create a back story or biography for your mascot.

It’s time to get creative! Consider the following questions and create a biography for your school mascot. This will help you get into the mindset and develop the character so you can perform better for the crowd at every elementary school event.

Where did your mascot come from?

How did your mascot get to your town?

How did he/she wind up as the mascot for your school?

What your mascot’s personality traits?

Practice looking out of the mouth of the head and being quiet.

Step 3: Try on the mascot head.

Get accustomed to the limited range of vision and be aware of where the mesh is on the mascot head–this is where your voice will come out. If you can only see through the mouth, practice “projecting down” when you are talking/looking at someone.

Step 4: Try on the feet/shoes and hands.

Practice wearing the mascot feet and hand accessories. They will take some getting used to because they are oversized. The more you practice performing with them the easier it will be.

Practice being your school mascot by only wearing the body portion of the costume.

Step 5: Try on just the body of the costume.

See how your school’s mascot costume fits you and if it has any limitations. Experiment with different positions (get down on one knee, sit down, get back up). Can you do gymnastics? Dance? Try all of these ideas with just the mascot body on to find out what your range of motion is.

Step 6: Don’t talk.

Most school mascots don’t talk. You will be required to express and show your emotions through actions only. So, if you’re a natural chatterbox, challenge yourself to be silent for as long as you can.


Step 7: Be exaggerated and energetic.

As the school mascot you need to exaggerate your movements in order to be seen from a distance–like from fans in the bleachers. Have a friend film your practice routines so you can rewatch them, take notes, and improve your performance. Be energetic and enthusiastic! No one likes a dull mascot sitting on the sidelines.

Step 8: Stay in shape.

Maintaining your mascot character, and energy, for an entire ball game or school event requires endurance. To maintain that endurance, develop a workout routine to stay fit and eat well. And don’t forget to wear cooling accessories, like a Cold Vest or Cold Collar so you don’t overheat during a performance.

Step 9: Stay in character.

Don’t just get dramatic for skits. You need to live the mascot role through the entire school event. Don’t drop the act for a second.

Now that you’ve got all 9 steps down, it’s time for the most important one: ENJOY IT! If you’re having fun being your school’s mascot, the fans will have fun, too!