5 Steps for Creating a Fantastic School Fundraiser

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Whether you are using your elementary school store as a fundraising venue or you are planning, organizing, and executing a fundraiser outside of your school store, the goal is the same: to earn money for your school, team or organization. That means making a profit above and beyond what you put into the fundraising efforts.

school_carnival_bannerHow? Here’s the 411 on quick and easy fundraising.

Fundraising is all about what you know:

1. Know your goals.

How much money do you need to raise? How are you going to do it? Once you figure out how much you need, you can subtract what you already have and set a goal. Be sure to make sure it’s a reasonable goal.

2. Know your customers.

Sell items people want. If they don’t like ‘em, they won’t buy ‘em. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What do they like? What don’t they like? When in doubt, ask them. A little market research goes a long way.

3. Know your price.

Your price determines your profit. Buy high value, low priced items and resell them for more than you paid. Calculate out profit per item in advance to determine the fastest way to reach your goal.

4. Know your products.

What are they? Why will people want them? How will you advertise them? The better you know your products the better you will be able to sell them.

5. Know your time frame.

What is your goal date? Will you be fundraising at events throughout the year? When are they? Planning out key fundraisers in advance gives you more time to prepare and advertise.

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