Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Elementary Schools

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Valentine’s Day activities are great ways to make learning fun and keep students engaged in your elementary school classroom. Check out these fun ideas your elementary-age kids will LOVE!


Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Kids love crafts, and Valentine’s Day classroom activities are a great way to engage your students’ creative spirit. Try these fun arts and crafts ideas with your class:

1) Valentine’s Day Boxes

Give each child an empty shoebox, and provide craft materials they can use to create personalized boxes to hold the Valentines they receive.

2) Valentine’s Day Door Cover

Create a door cover for your classroom using white or pink background paper.  Provide markers, paints, crayon, sequins, and glue and encourage students to decorate the paper with Valentine artwork, poems or messages.


Valentine’s Day Game Ideas

1)  Valentine’s Day HEART game

Create your own BINGO game using the word HEART and candy conversation hearts as square markers. Hand out Valentine’s Fun Packs as prizes for the winners.

2) Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Hide Valentine’s Day-themed items around your classroom and create a list of all the items. Split students up into teams and send them on a scavenger hunt.  The first team to find all the items wins.


Educational Valentine’s Day Ideas

1) Valentine’s Day Read-a-thon

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get kids excited about reading. Host a class or school-wide read-a-thon with Valentine’s Day themes, like love, family,  and friendship. Give custom bookmarks to all participants.

 2) Valentine’s Day Anagrams

An easy classroom project that kids will love to do either independently or in teams. Put each letter of the phrase “Valentine’s Day” on a cutout heart and let your students rearrange the letters to see how many other words they can find within those words.


Share some of your favorite classroom Valentine’s Day activities!