Rev Up School Spirit for March Madness

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Crazy Hair Wig Set - MohawkWhen the calendar rolls to March it’s time to get crazy with school spirit! March Madness is a great time to get students and staff in the spirit! Use some of these ideas to start the madness and watch the fever spread throughout your school.


Spirit Days: Everyone loves spirit days during homecoming. Consider holding them during March Madness too! This article has some new and unique ideas:

Spirit Week – New Ways to Celebrate

Lunch Hour games:

During March Madness, hold games and challenges during the lunch hour. Basketball predictions, basketball shooting challenge, temporary tattoo or cheek cheer stations, and crazy hair booth or a basketball piñata are some ideas.

Crazy Spirit Challenge: Encourage school spirit with crazy fan competitions. See who dresses up with the most spirit.

Basketball Lesson Plans and Activities: Bring March Madness into the classroom with these fun ideas for lessons and activities.

March Madness Lessons

School Spirit Store: March Madness is a great time to do some fundraising for your next event (Prom?) Set up a school spirit store in the hallway or lunchroom, and open it before & after school and during lunch. Stock it with spirit items  that will get everyone ready for the madness.

Cause Event: Encourage community thoughtfulness with a cause event, such as a food drive, or toy donations. Award points for each donation that can be redeemed for spirit items.


Share your March Madness ideas! We’d love to hear them.