School Spirit Guide

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School Spirit Promotion Ideas

Poster Slogans: Displaying posters and signs at an athletic event is a great way to recognize athletes and promote school spirit. Checkout our new banners available on the homepage! Create your own or use our school spirit designs!

Spirit Signs: Handheld spirit signs are a great visual for fostering school spirit. These spirit signs can be used at sporting events and rallies. As part of the rally competitions, you can reward points to the class who has the most and best spirit signs.

School Spirit Decorating Tips:

Banners: Make super-sized posters for the big game or event with our paint kits!

Spirit Fence: Decorate your chain link fences with your school colors. Paint Styrofoam cups with your school colors, and place them through the holes in the chain link fence at your stadium. You can spell your school name, slogans etc. This is an easy and great way to add spirit to your bleachers.

Decorate with Balloons: Using balloons are a great way to show off your school colors and school spirit. On the day of your football game tie balloons with your school colors all around your school so the students and parents know that there is a big game that evening. You can also get custom printed balloons with your school name!