Get Students Involved in Event Planning

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 Contributed by Susan M., Teacher, Daly City, CA

Being a teacher for student government is so much fun!  The students and I are always trying to find ways to involve all the students and staff in daily, weekly or monthly events.  It adds to the atmosphere of the entire school.

The initial stage of planning begins in our weekly Monday meetings.  The 35 students in the class, the Vice-principal, the school counselor, and I all meet weekly to discuss monthly themes and activities.  We also meet quarterly with the PTSA and School Site Council to request community support.  Once a budget is decided upon we hit the internet to find incentives, curriculum, and supplies that will meet our needs.

One of our favorite sites is Anderson’s.  They carry quality items and have such a wide selection.  Below see some of the items we have purchased to teach and reinforce life skills:
a. Citizenship
b. Self Esteem
c. Character