Glow Fun for Middle School

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Celebrate with GLOW fun!

Glow products are all the rage, and Middle Schoolers are at the top of the list! They love glow! We’ve got five fun ideas for Glowing Fun!

Glow Tag in the dark

Everyone wears a glow stick, the “it” person wears an exclusive color.  Regular “tag” rules apply.

Glow Bowling

Fill empty plastic soda bottles with water. Add a few drops of food coloring and drop in a coordinating glow stick. Paint a plastic ball with glow paints for the ultimate glow bowling experience.

Glow Walls and Ceilings

Use glow paints to decorate Black Background Paper and hang on your walls and ceilings! Paint stars, swirls and designs or have a splat fest and splat glow paint all over the papers

Glow Favors

Planning a nighttime event or bonfire party? Hand out glow necklaces, glow balls and glow flyers for a truly GLOWING good time!