Arts and Crafts Projects for Spring

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Contributed by Caroline C., Teacher, Tucson, AZ

Spend All Year With Andersons!

Spring is coming—I can feel it the air and my kindergartners are starting to “morph” into 1st graders! But before we finish off this year, we have a lot more to learn! We will be reviewing letters and sounds along with sight words.

The Anderson’s Quilt Craft Kit would be perfect for making an ABC quilt to hang up for Kindergarten Roundup. The Large Memo Boards will be perfect for playing games with sight words and the Mini Memo Board will be perfect to attach to the classroom doors for playing “password” and “guess the secret word” before we leave for lunch and recess!

I also will continue to develop student portfolios that go home at the end of the year. I have been taking pictures of all my kids, putting them in plastic sleeves and personalized folders. I want to add some of their writing and artwork, so I will be using special writing and art paper. I want to put their favorite picture in a Blank White Frame so they can decorate it, or have all their classmates autograph it.

So many projects; I hope we have enough time!