Balloon-o-Gram Fundraising Ideas

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BalloonsA balloon-o-gram is a telegram with balloons. Our youth group ran this fundraiser for several months so that it included many holidays (Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc.). Anyone could order a balloon-o-gram at anytime. Materials were purchased from ANDERSON’S . The deliverer would take a bunch of five to six balloons with a card and sing a song for the receiver. The cost for the balloon-o-gram was on a donation basis.

A telegram with balloons. Include a message with each balloon, or you could even have a color code. For example Red is love, Blue is Get Well Soon, Yellow is Friendship, Green is Thinking of You. Or create your own color codes. Run this fundraiser for a while, including holidays. From February to Memorial Day to include Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mothers Day, and birthdays. You will need a delivery person who knows the area. A real estate agent is great! The driver takes a bunch of balloons, a greeting card, and maybe sings a happy song.
Variation:  Lollipop Bouquets containing five lollipops.Use tissue paper to make the lollipops look like flowers. They are held together with a rubber band and a gift tag is attached. Sell these bouquets by pre-order in the morning and during the lunches. They are purchased as gifts and are delivered on Valentine’s Day. Great for school groups.