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10 End of School Year Ideas

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Let’s face it, the end of the school year can be downright dreadful. The kids are getting antsy and their attention spans are almost non-existent. Planning some fun activities will benefit both you and them.  Stir up the schedule, give them something to look forward to and something to remember the year with. Here are 10 ideas to make the last weeks of school more bearable and almost unforgettable.


Balloon Countdown
Hang inflated balloons from your ceiling with colorful ribbons. Inside each balloon tuck a fun activity for the next day. Hang enough for your allotted time (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, whatever you choose) At the end of each school day, kids get to choose one balloon and pop it, to find out what fun the next day holds. Some ideas: PJ Day, Silly Day, Hat Day, Story Day (read a fun story or write a story), Movie Day, Treat Day, Picnic Lunch Outside Day, Extra Long Recess Day, etc. Use your imagination to come up with activities that will give them something to look forward to each day.


I Admire You Because…
Have kids create a booklet of all the ways they are admired, and remembered. Give each student a little white book and have them write their name on the cover and decorate it (you could also create your own little booklets with white paper stapled together). Then pass the booklet to the next student. The kids write something positive, nice, something they admire or remember about each classmate. Continue passing around the class until every child has written in every book. This activity is a great way to boost self esteem in all students and to help all kids become more aware of the people around them.





Photo Frame Memories
Let kids decorate a photo frame with crayons, markers, glitter or other craft supplies. Snap a class photo or a photo of each child participating in a classroom activity. Put it in their frame and they have a keepsake from the year.


Field Trip to the next grade
Take a field trip to the next grade level. Arrange to visit a classroom, have the teacher introduce themselves and the students in that grade can tell all about the fun activities and things they’ve learned this year. Play a game, or have a special treat together.


Have a t-shirt day, kids decorate their shirt and have their friends sign the back. Have kids bring in a shirt, or get cute t-shirts with your school name, mascot, logo or classroom slogan. Decorate the shirts with tie-dye, or freestyle with fabric markers.


Summer-ShovelClass Awards
Recognize each student for something they excel at. Create enough categories so that each student receives an award and recognition. For extra fun have the class vote for each category. Hand out certificates, pins, pencils, or any small token to recognize and reward each child.


Summer Shovel Treat 
Make these cute shovel treats for your kids, fill a small plastic bag or some clear cellophane with a treat of your choice, and attach it to a shovel with a ribbon and cute tag. They make a perfect end-of-year favor (for even more fun, give them a bucket too and attach a tag, “Hope your summer is buckets of fun!”).

Summer Bucket List
Help your kids write a Summer Bucket List. Encourage creativity, and realistic goals. Include some fun ideas as well as brain building activities, like reading “X” number of books, counting sea shells on the beach, measuring rainfall, etc. Attach their list to an actual sand bucket and shovel and send home with them on the last day as a good year/good-bye favor.

It was a Banner Year!
Make a banner for the new class coming in next fall. Your kids can share their messages with them. Start with a blank vinyl banner. Using poster markers or paint pens write something like “Welcome 4th Graders” and then have your kids write a short message, tip, advice or memory from the year to welcome the new kids next fall.



Summer Fun PackSend your kids off with a Summer Fun Pack.  Super affordable and tons of fun for summer. A cute cellophane bag holds sidewalk chalk, a yo-yo, jumbo bouncy ball, bubbles, and more!