25 Uses for Fun Cups

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Celebrate the start of school, collect tickets, fundraise…so many uses for plastic Fun Cups! They are an affordable way to boost school spirit, raise funds, celebrate achievements, engage and reward students.

We’ve come up with 25 ways to use Fun Cups. Check them out below:

  1. Give out 50 free Fun Cups to the first 50 people at your event
  2. Collect pennies (or other change) for a favorite charity.
  3. Collect soda can tabs for Ronald McDonald House
  4. Fill with popcorn and sell at your event
  5. Fundraise! Place around school to collect change for new school items
  6. Place at event entryways to collect tickets for your events
  7. Fill with quarters and raffle off to students
  8. Plant seeds for a fun Earth Day project
  9. Fill with soda and sell at your next event
  10. Use as a planter and give to students on Earth Day
  11. Imprint with school name and logo and sell them in your school store
  12. Use as prizes at your school carnival or other event
  13. Fill with root beer floats and sell them at events
  14. Put stuffed animal mascot inside and sell as a fall fundraiser
  15. Put a few school branded items in them and a Thank You card and give them to event volunteers
  16. Fill with candy in your school colors and sell at your next event
  17. Stack 15 cups upside down and create a tabletop bowling lane for students
  18. Create a movie prize pack give-a-way – two cups, microwave popcorn and two movie tickets
  19. “Guess how many gumballs are in the cup” fundraiser
  20. Use in a “Create Your Own Sundae” bar for students
  21. Include in an award set for your graduatesFun_Cup_Award_Set
  22. Fill with water for 5K runs
  23. Fill with juice or lemonade and give out to students
  24. Give each new student one at orientation
  25. Add a gift card or small gift and raffle off at an event

What other Fun Cup ideas do you have?