Video Tutorial – Decorating with Fabrics: Gossamer, Tulle, and Netting

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Decorating with gossamer, tulle, and netting for your prom, homecoming, or other school event is a great way to bring elegance and pizazz into your themes and decorations!

In this informative video on decorating with fabrics for your school events, we discuss the differences between, and uses for gossamer, tulle and netting.

Come watch our step-by-step video, and some of the decorating skills you will learn are:

  • Creating landscape elements such as grass, sand, or snow with gossamer
  • How to create luxurious lit table skirts with gossamer, tulle, and mini lights
  • Create spectacular spotlight effects with netting and pin spotlights

At Anderson’s, our aim is to help you learn how to create phenomenal, professional-looking themes and decorations for all your school events, no matter what your skill level. Together we can make decorating for your events more efficient, stress-free and fun! So come on!