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Custom Multi-functional Wrap

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This Custom Multi-functional Wrap can be worn in a variety of ways and helps promote your school and keep your students and staff safer and looking stylish. Made of polyester microfiber fabric, the 19" high x 9" wide Wrap keeps the wearer warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather and can be worn as a face mask, bandana, wristband, head wrap, scarf, skull cap, hair band, rally towel, and more. Customize the wrap for your school by adding your school name, mascot, or choice of imprint in one-color. Hand this multi-use product out for back-to-school, stock it in your school store, or use it as a fun and functional school fundraiser. It makes a trendy accessory for everyone at your school. Note: This item is not intended for medical use. It is not recognized by the CDC or FDA as safe or effective against COVID-19 or any virus. There is no guarantee that it will protect user from any illness.