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School store ideas that will really help you raise money!

School Store

School Stores have much to offer your school, students and teachers. The convenience of having a place to buy needed supplies, flexibility to create a store that meets your needs, education for students working the store, fundraising for your school, and building morale and school spirit by offering items with your school name, mascot or logo are all great benefits of having your own school store!

But along with the benefits come some challenges. Finding the time, the space, the staff and the accessibility can be difficult. Choosing product offerings for your school store that will sell is key.

Here are some solutions to help you get your school store running and making a profit.

School Store Guidelines:

  • Treat your School Store like a real business. Keep records of all inventory and sales.
  • Make your school store a real student store! Involve as many students as possible. They will energize your efforts, gain valuable business experience and help with marketing your store. They can also help decorate and personalize your store.
  • Get to know your customers and their needs. Survey kids, parents and teachers when making decisions about what your product line will include. Items that kids want will sell, and teachers know best about what kids need in the classroom.
  • To help your budget, offer inexpensive school supplies that are basic necessities such as pencils, notebooks, erasers, etc. You can purchase these types of items in your school colors, without imprints to keep the costs low. Keep your school supply of these necessary items well-stocked – they are something students will always need.
  • Add excitement and personalization by offering some imprinted items. folders, t-shirts, backpacks, book bags and spirit items with your school name or mascot will be a big hit. Use input from students when making decisions about which items to purchase. They are, after all, your target market.
  • Keep pricing simple, and clear. Mark everything with signs or stickers and try to make the prices easy to work with for kids. ($2.00 instead of $1.89)
  • Consider featuring one group each week or each month; student council, sports teams, school clubs, etc. Students from that group work the store and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to that group.
  • Advertise and market your store. Students will be a big help in this area. Post signs and banners, get in school announcements, newsletters and handouts. Consider running specials every week or every month to create excitement and boost sales. Offer gift certificates for parents or staff to purchase for the kids.
  • Location, location, location. Isn’t that what they say in real estate? It can be just as important for school stores. Whether your school shop is a small closet or a cart on wheels, make it accessible to students.
  • Consider going high-tech! Let’s face it, our world functions online these days. Providing families with the option to make purchasing decisions online could benefit everyone and produce higher profits for your store. Some options include creating a webpage, using social networking sites, or even as simple as creating a weekly or monthly email with new products or current specials that goes out to all families. School Store - Backpack

Most importantly have fun! Make the school store experience enjoyable for students, staff and parents.


What have been some of your biggest successes with your school store?