Spirit Week New Ways to Celebrate

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Spirit week is a traditional part of Snowcoming celebrations for many schools. It’s celebrated with a different theme each day of the week ending with School Spirit Day on Friday.

This year why not try some fun new “days” and break free from the “same-old-same-old” spirit days of the past.


Spirit Week Ideas

Retro Spirit Day

Instead of a 60’s or 70’s day, throw a Retro Spirit Day. Students must dress in retro spirit gear, and represent the decade chosen.

Flip-Flop Day

Students dress like their favorite staff member, and staff members dress like students.

Salad Dressing Week

Choose a salad dressing for each day of the week, then dress accordingly.

  • Thousand Island (Caribbean/Hawaiian)
  • Ranch (Cowboy)
  • Blue Cheese (Blue)
  • Caesar (Togas and sandals)
  • French (Berets and fashionable clothes)
  • House Dressing (School Colors/School Spirit)

Duct Tape Day

Students must wear an outfit decorated with or made from duct tape.

Green Day

Students wear completely recycled items. From hand-me-down clothes, to using ordinary garbage to make hats, purses, accessories, etc.

New Trend Day

Students are challenged to come up with a new fashion trend all their own, and dress accordingly. Who knows, they might start the next big craze.

Get the word out!

Announce your spirit week activities with a Spirit Week Banner! Have it printed with your daily events, or get one that can be re-used with the days of the week blank, then simply write in your events with a washable marker!

What spirit day themes have you used in the past? What days seem to generate the most participation?

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