4 Ways to Get Your School Ready for Spirit Week

Whatever your school traditions are, Spirit Week is the best time of the year to promote school pride, unify your student body, and make lasting memories that your students, teachers, and staff will remember forever.

You may be preparing for Spirit Week already, but keep these four points in mind during your planning and organizing.

1. Battle of the Classes

Have a hallway decorating contest between grades or classrooms at your school. Assign each class or grade a school hallway and let your students decorate it (mostly) however they want. Here are some decorations to have on hand to spark their creativity:

Background Paper




Tissue Pomps


Don’t forget to take pictures of the end results for your school paper, yearbook, and/or school website!

2. Choose Your Theme Days Theme_Day_Doctor-Costume-000

Most schools designate a theme to each day of Spirit Week. Students LOVE this because they get to come to school wearing outrageous outfits and accessories. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Superhero Day

Career Day

Twin Day

Decade Day (60s, 70s, 80s)

Celebrity Day

Pajama Day

3. Decide On Lunchtime Activities

Providing an unusual activity during lunch is a great way to get students more involved in Spirit Week and interacting with each other. Incorporate some of these ideas into your lunchtime Spirit Week activities:


Trivia Contest

Name That Tune

Tricycle Races

Tug of War (take this outdoors) 

Pink_Out_Fundraiser 4. Support A Local Charity

More and more schools are volunteering and giving back to the community. Make charitable giving part of your Spirit Week. Choose a local charity and see which class or grade can raise the most money, items, or time for the organization. A lot of schools have a Pink Out day to inspire students and community to help make a difference and raise breast cancer awareness!

Whatever your school does to celebrate Spirit Week, we can help. Shop now at itselementary.com