100th Day of School – 100 Ways to Celebrate!

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The 100th day of school is a big deal, and most elementary schools celebrate it in some way. Whether you are looking for activities each student can do on his or her own or things you can do on a classroom or school-wide level, here 100 ideas you can use to mark this important milestone in your school.

  1. Release 100 balloons outside 100_days_of-school_balloon_release
  2. Run 100 yards
  3. Count 100 pennies (or nickels, or dimes)
  4. Count to 100 by 2s
  5. Learn 100 new words
  6. Color 100 circles
  7. Write a 100 word story
  8. Make a paper chain with 100 links
  9. Complete the sentence: “If I had 100 dollars…”
  10. Collect 100 items to recycle
  11. Do 100 jumping jacks
  12. Jog in place for 100 seconds
  13. Read 100 sentences
  14. Read for 100 minutes
  15. Hand out 100 calorie snacks
  16. Touch your toes 100 times
  17. Put a 100-piece puzzle together
  18. Decorate the classroom with 100 streamers
  19. Read a book with the number “100” in the title
  20. Create artwork with 100 of something (pasta noodles, Cheerios, etc.)
  21. Clap 100 times
  22. Create a 100 inch long mural
  23. Take 100 steps
  24. Bring in a collection of 100 things
  25. Create 100 hearts or snowflakes
  26. Link 100 paper clips
  27. Plant 100 beans or seeds
  28. Dribble a ball 100 times
  29. Collect $100 for charity
  30. Create a list of things that were invented 100 years ago.
  31. Collect 100 cans of food for the local food shelf
  32. Learn to say “100” in a few different languages
  33. Set up 100 dominoes – then, knock them down. 100_days_of_school_dominoes
  34. Create a display of 100 flags from all over the world
  35. Give each student $100 in play money and have an auction
  36. Learn about what the world was like 100 years ago
  37. Have each student color a 100th Day poster and display them all around the room
  38. Make a list of 100 different animals
  39. Learn about something that is 100 miles away
  40. Count backwards from 100 to 1
  41. Make a list of 100 nouns, verbs, or adjectives
  42. Complete the sentence: “100 years from now…”
  43. List 100 reasons you love your school
  44. Donate 100 apples (or other fresh food item) to a local food shelf
  45. Put 100 words in alphabetical order
  46. Collect 100 magazines to recycle at a local plant
  47. Have a raffle for a $100 certificate as a prize for parents
  48. Set aside 100 minutes of the school day as “Free Time”
  49. Create a collage of 100 photos cut out of magazines
  50. Put on a play that focuses on the number 100
  51. Create a list of 100 books every student should read
  52. Show students what a $100 bill looks like
  53. Make a classroom quilt with 100 squares in it
  54. Invite a 100 year old person to visit your classroom
  55. Hand out 100 Grand mini candy bars
  56. Create a bulletin board with 100 Acts of Kindness
  57. Do a 10-square Hopscotch game 10 times (100 hops)
  58. Build a structure with 100 red plastic cups
  59. Design a “100 Days” T-shirt. Order enough for all students and staff 100th-day_shirts-000
  60. Sit quietly for 100 seconds
  61. Make a list of 100 words that start with “C” (the roman numeral for 100)
  62. Play “100 Day BINGO”
  63. Come up with 100 words to describe the school year so far
  64. Find out how much 100 of something weighs (grains of sand, Cheerios, golf balls)
  65. Fill in the blanks, “I wish I had 100… I would not want 100…”
  66. Make pixel art on the computer using 100 dots
  67. Make badges that say, “I survived 100 days of (grade)”
  68. Make 100 paper cranes
  69. If you could have 100 wishes, what would they be?
  70. Challenge other classrooms to a 100-book Read-a-thon
  71. Build something with 100 Legos or blocks
  72. See how many push ups or sit ups you can do in 100 seconds
  73. Write a poem with 100 words or about the 100th day of school
  74. Draw a picture of what you will look like when you are 100 years old
  75. Flip a coin 100 times and chart your results
  76. Create a picture using the numerals 100
  77. Create a 100th Day of School selfie station
  78. Design a 100th Day banner for your classroom
  79. Make a bucket list of 100 things you want to do
  80. Fill in the blank, “When I am 100 years old…”
  81. Dress up as your 100-year-old self
  82. Collect 100 box tops for education
  83. List 100 compliments and post them on the bulletin board
  84. Create necklaces with 100 things (beads, cheerios, pasta pieces, candy)
  85. Put 100 inflated balloons in the hallway or cafeteria. Then, pop them all!
  86. Find as many words as you can within the words “One Hundred.”
  87. Estimate how far 100 feet is. Then, measure and see how close you came.
  88. Find out what a group of 100 animals (whales, fox, parrots, ravens, lions, etc.) is called
  89. Create a bulletin board centipede with 100 legs100th_day_of_school_ribbon
  90. Hand out “100 Days” pencils or ribbons to every student.
  91. Create a collage of 100 important people
  92. Predict 100 things that will be invented in the next 100 years
  93. Create and wear 100th Day paper crowns
  94. Make 100th Day Trail Mix (10 Cheerios, 10 mini marshmallows, 10 raisins, 10 chocolate chips, 10 pieces of Chex cereal, 10 Cheez-Its, 10 mini pretzels, 10 gold fish crackers, 10 pieces of dried fruit, 10 white chocolate chips)
  95. Write a class cheer celebrating 100 Days
  96. Name and locate 100 countries
  97. See how many times you can write your name in 100 seconds
  98. Write down 100 words you know how to spell
  99. Share one thing you have learned during the first 100 days of school and predict one thing you will learn during the next 100 days.
  100. Have a party to celebrate 100 days!

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