Earth Day Ideas For Your School

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Earth Day is a great time to stop and reflect on the importance of preserving and enjoying our amazing planet. Use the day to reach your kids and start planting seeds of care and respect for Earth.

You can incorporate Earth Day activities and ideas into your whole day. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Earth Day Lesson Plans

Incorporate Earth Day into your lesson plans. Spelling, vocabulary, math and science can all be used to focus on Earth Day.

This site has some great resources for lesson plans:

Earth Day Field Trip

Take a field trip to a recycling plant, nature preserve or science museum to learn about preserving our planet.

Earth Day Lunch

At lunch time discuss the different ways we can recycle, and take care of our planet when we purchase, prepare and consume food.

Earth Day Crafts

Have kids bring in recycleables and then create with them. Provide basic craft supplies and let them go crazy. For younger kids plan a project and guide them. Some ideas are egg carton critters, plastic bottle bird feeders, and glass jar piggy banks, the options are endless.

Earth Day Projects

Have kids work on a large-scale project, report, speech, or demonstration. Incorporate Earth Day messages, lessons, and ideas into each project.

Decorate your classroom with world maps, and create and hand out Earth Day buttons to get everyone in the mood to learn all about our amazing planet and how to protect it.