5 Easy Ways to Recognize Elementary Student Council Members

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Being part of an elementary Student Council is a great way for kids to learn important life skills, like leadership, citizenship, cooperation, and responsibility. These leaders are the voice of your student body and serve an important role in your school. Here are 5 easy ways to recognize your Student Council members for all the work they do to make your school great:Andersons_BanquetAwards

1) Introduction Assembly
Hold a school-wide assembly at the beginning of the year to introduce the Student Council members for the year.Hand out Student Council award pins that members and class representatives can wear all year long to identify their special status.

2) Special Awards For Classroom Representatives
Many schools also elect representatives from each classroom to attend Student Council meetings and be the voice for their classroom. Hand out wristbands to identify classroom reps, so students know who to go to with concerns, suggestions, and ideas.

3) In-school Display
Designate a wall or bulletin board especially for your Student Council members and Classroom Representatives. Display a picture and short bio of each person. This is a great way to recognize your student leaders and identify them to the rest of the student body.

4) Mid-year Event
Keep your Student Council members excited and motivated by hosting a mid-year event just for them. Whether it’s a winter banquet, a holiday party, or even an after-school trip to the movies, your Student Council members will love the acknowledgement. Give them each a fun gift, like dog tags, for all the hard work they have done so far.

Elementary_StudentCouncil_Award5) End-of-the-year Award Ceremony
Your school’s year-end award ceremony is the best place to formally recognize all your SC members and classroom representatives for their contribution to your school. Hand out certificates and/or special award sets to honor them for their dedication and accomplishments.

Recognize your Student Council members all year long for their important contribution to your school. All their hard work helps make your school a great place to learn.

How do you acknowledge your school’s Student Council members? Share with us now.