7 Ideas for Engaging Kids During March Madness

Andersons_MarchMadnessMarch is an exciting time of year because of all the NCAA March Madness games. Bring that excitement into your schools–and pump it up even more–with these ideas to keep your students engaged and involved.

Idea #1: Have a Pep Rally.
A pep rally is always a great way to kids excited. Use your March Madness pep rally to spotlight your boys and girls basketball teams.

Idea #2: Hold tournament games during lunch hours.
During lunch hours, hold silly tournament games like Name That Tune, tricycle races, or a limbo contest. Reward winners with prizes like EyeBlacks or sport balls.

Idea #3: Have a dress up day
Dress Up Day can be anything from formal attire to kids wearing their favorite team jerseys or college basketball team colors.

Idea #4: Give out fun spirit favors.
Hand out spirit favors like temporary tattoos or mustache stickers to get your students excited to cheer on the team during the game.

Idea #5: Have a cause event like a Pink Out.
Designate one March day for a cause event like a breast cancer Pink Out or to stand against cyber bullying. A good cause is a great way to bring your entire school together.

Idea #6:  Basketball trivia game during lunch hour.
Put together a college basketball trivia game — game show-style — during lunch hour! Kids will love testing their b-ball knowledge during March Madness.

Idea #7: Basketball scavenger hunt game.
Hide lots of basketball stickers around school. Announce the scavenger hunt over the PA. Kids will love hunting for the stickers.

Share your March Madness ideas! We’d love to hear them