Middle School Awards – Recognizing All Students

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PinsStudent recognition is important at any level. It promotes pride, self worth and future success.

As the school year draws to a close, awards ceremonies are common in Middle School and Junior High. As the 8th or 9th graders finish their final year in your school consider recognizing all their accomplishments. These special events do not have to be limited to the highly successful. Recognizing student participation and achievement is important regardless of the level of success they achieved.

CertificateI recently attended an awards ceremony for 9th graders leaving Junior High. It was remarkable to me that every effort was made to honor every student for something. With their wide range of interests and abilities, most students have participated in some sort of sport or activity during their Middle School years. As I sat in the bleachers that afternoon, and watched each student go up on stage to accept their award, it was blatantly clear to see the pride in their faces as pictures were snapped and applause erupted.

These years are so vital in the development of self worth and direction. Recognition can go a long way in boosting kids up and setting them on the right path to success. How do you reward & recognize your Middle School or Junior High Students?