Ideas for Read-Across-America Day

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Read Across America Day is a great opportunity to get your kids excited about reading! Incorporate some fun activities and they’ll have no choice but be inspired to read.




Book Character Parade – Have students dress as their favorite book character, each class can choose one book or genre and make hats or costumes, then parade around the school. Make a game of guessing who the characters are.

Art Contest – Have students create a new book cover for their favorite books. Hang their book cover creations on the walls.

Create A Book – Have students write and/or illustrate their own books. These Colored Little Books are perfect for this project.

Treasure Hunt– Create a treasure hunt in your classroom using clues from books, authors or characters.

Make A “Cat in the Hat” inspired Hat – You will need red paper plates, red and white construction paper, glue, tape or stapler. Cut the inside of the paper plate out, the outside will form the brim of the hat. Lay red construction paper the long way and cut stripes out of the white paper. Tape or glue the stripes onto the red paper. Form it into a cylinder and staple or tape it to the paper plate.


Book Exchange – Host a book exchange, asking each child to bring in one or two gently used books to trade. This is a great way to encourage sharing, and get them excited about the variety of books available.

Visiting Readers – Invite parents, community members, police officers, librarians, etc. to come to your school or class and read a book. The children will feel extra special, and the reader gets more out of it than they imagined.



Fill your space with reading fun! Decorate walls, bulletin boards and doors with red and white striped paper, red and white balloons and streamers.

Display books to intrigue them around your room.

Track Your Books

Keep a record of the books you read together, and encourage reading at home with family members.

List Reading Tracking Sheet

Fill-In Reading Tracking Sheet


Track reading in your classroom with this fun map!

Free Download Reading Map


Nothing motivates early readers like rewards! Start them on the path to becoming lifelong readers with fun rewards!

“Oh The Things I Can Read” Dog Tags – Kids love these cute tags, and they are less than 50 cents each!

“You’re Off To Great Places” Bookmarks – A great reading tool they can take home.


Dr. Seuss Success Stickers – Stick them to clothes, projects or reading charts. 120 stickers are just $2.99

Dr. Seuss Certificates – Give everyone a certificate to acknowledge participation in the days events.





We would LOVE to hear how you are celebrating this special day!