Easter Craft Idea – Egg Critters

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Easter Egg Creations


Easter Egg AnimalsThese adorable Egg-Critters are a fun & easy project for kids of all ages. Using two simple materials; Plastic eggs and Wikki Stix, your kids can get wildly creative with their critter.

Easter Egg CreaturesConsider animals, fish, monsters, aliens, or even cars & trucks! Let their creativity guide them. For smaller children, you may want to do one critter and demo how to do it.

We cut the Wikki Stix into small pieces and shaped them to create eyes, ears, mouths, feet and in some cases antennas! You can keep it very simple or get as extravagant as you like. No messy glue required!



Wikki Stix are tacky, bendable wax covered yarn material. They can be cut and molded into virtually any shape. They stick to any surface and can be removed and reattached easily. They leave no residue or mess behind.

Kids thrive on experimenting with their creativity, and this is one project that lets their imaginations run wild.

We love Wikki Stix, and we are certain that you and your kids will too. If you’ve tried Wikki Stix, share your experience.