Earth Day Craft Project

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Plant ProjectCelebrate Earth Day with this fun project that requires just a few materials and can be stretched to serve many purposes. Teach an Earth Day lesson as your kids plant seeds in the buckets. Teach science lessons as they learn to nurture their seedlings. Decorate the buckets with ribbon and cute tags to use as a gift for Mother’s Day, Teacher appreciation, get well, or thank-you to volunteers.


Materials Needed:


  • One sand Bucket for each child
  • Potting soil or black dirt
  • Variety of seeds

Optional Items:

Bucket Mother's Day



Fill the buckets 2/3 full with dirt or potting soil and plant seeds. Let the children do as much of the planting as possible. An upside down shovel makes a great place to label the plants or add a gift message.

Teach lessons on how seedlings grow, how to nurture the plants and how plants use sunlight and water.




Bucket Grow

After the plants are grown, kids can decorate the bucket with ribbon and cute tags and give them as gifts for Mother’s Day, teacher gifts, thank-you gifts or end-of-the year gifts for parents.