Successful Fundraisers and Community Events

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Contributed by Carol P., Teacher, Mint Hill, NC

Fundraising Ideas:

Dinner and a Concert
Work with your culinary arts department or a local restaurant and have them prepare a gourmet meal such as prime rib, twice baked potatoes, salad, green beans almondine, cheesecake.  Have candle light, Better than Linen tablecloths and napkins, Silver Ring PlatesSilver Reflections Silverware.  Set the tables up in the atrium area of your school and have the students wear black with white aprons and be the waite staff.  In conjunction with the dinner, partner with your theatre department or music department and have them put on a play or concert.  Sell the tickets for $20-25.  You can also prepare the dinner as a take out.
Prom Dress and Accessories Resale Boutique
Collect new and gently used prom/bridesmaid dresses.  Set up the boutique in an empty classroom or media center.  You can also contact bridal shops and formal wear business to assist with the collection of the dresses and accessories.  Set a date for the boutique to open, sell the dresses for around $40.00 or less.
Stars Around BalloonsVideo Game Tournament
Set up video games and TV’s around the gym or cafeteria.  Choose a game that is popular with your student population.  The students should pick teams of four, charge an entry fee $20.00 per team.  Have each team member play the game and have a recorder to keep track of the points. The team(s) with the most points win. Prizes would be given for the team(s) with the most points.  Set up also a concession stand with soda, popcorn, chips, hotdogs.


Butler for the day
Let the seniors auction themselves off to be a butler for the day.  The butler’s responsibility would be to greet their “employee” at the door, carry their book bag, get the “employees” lunch.  The butler should wear a funny hat or T-shirt.  Have a special pizza party in the evening for all the students that participated.