5 Ideas for Paper Chains

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Remember paper chains? You probably made them in preschool or elementary. They are used for decorations or classroom tools such as counting down the days to a special event.

We have news for you; paper chains aren’t just for little kids anymore! They can be an inexpensive and easy way to raise funds and build spirit among students.

Here are some fun ideas for using paper chains in your school!




School Fundraising

Sell the links to raise funds for Homecoming, Prom or any other fundraiser for your school. Paper chain links are available in a variety of colors to match your event or school colors. When someone purchases a link have them add it to a big chain you can display in a hallway, gymnasium or cafeteria.



Caust/Event Fundraising

Sell links to raise money for causes like Breast Cancer Research (think pink links), Leukemia Foundation (green or orange links), or whatever cause is near and dear to your school. When someone purchases a link have them add it to a big chain you can display in a hallway, gymnasium or cafeteria.

“Linking Together against Bullying” or “Linking Together with Good Character

Each time a student is caught doing good or exhibiting good character they are given a paper chain link to add to a large chain.  Your school can set a goal to for your chain to reach a certain length by the end of the school year.  This is a great way to provide a visual of good behavior.



Spirit Week Class Competition

This is a fun idea for spirit week! Sell links and assign a color to each grade and/or award a link to each student that participates in a spirit week activity or dresses up for the day. See which group can achieve the longest chain by the end of the week.


Sport or Activity Fundraising

Trying to raise funds for new sports equipment, drama supplies or musical instruments? Run a “Think Links” campaign, and sell links at your games or performances. Display your chains and encourage fans to make them grow!


In any of these ideas you could sell/provide different colors to the different grade levels or to students/fans and encourage competitions amongst the groups.

As you can see paper chains can be a fun, affordable and valuable tool for your school. The kids love them as they can be nostalgic and provide a little trip down memory lane, making the students willing participants!