Create a Hollywood-style School Award Ceremony

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Looking for a fun way to jazz up your elementary school award ceremony? Go Hollywood-style and give your students a VIP experience they will remember forever. With just a few easy tweaks, you can turn your traditional mid-year or year-end award ceremony into a fun A-list affair.

The Decorations Elementary_Red_Carpet_Award_Ceremony

Give your school awards ceremony an authentic look with a red carpet sidewalk runner for your students to walk down. For an added touch, create a Walk of Fame by writing each student’s name on a cut out gold star and lining the walkway with them. You can also display the stars up on a wall instead of the floor.

The Paparazzi

Recruit teachers, staff, and parents to serve as “paparazzi” for the event. Station them at one end (or both ends) of the pathway, so they can snap pictures of the students as they make their red carpet entrances.

 EL_School_Award_CeremonyThe School Award Ceremony

Set your ceremony up Hollywood-style with award categories, like “Best Attendance For the Entire Year,” “Award For Reading Achievement,” “Best Attitude Award,” and open envelopes to reveal the winners’ names. If you’re presenting an award to every student, it’s ok to forgo the dramatics, as long as you mention each student by name so no one feels left out. Some fun award ideas:

The After Party Movie_Night_Photo_Scene

As with every true Hollywood awards ceremony, an after-party is a must. Decorate with balloons and streamers, offer simple refreshments, and set up a photo area for students and parents to snap pics. Don’t forget to hand out swag bags filled with small gifts for each student. Fill them up with:

A Hollywood-style awards ceremony will give your elementary school students a lifetime of fun memories. With these easy Hollywood décor, paparazzi, swag, and fun, you can turn a traditional award ceremony into a super-special affair.

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