Random Acts of Kindness: 15 Ways to Celebrate

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Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 9-15, 2019. How is your school celebrating?  While it’s important to promote a culture of kindness at your school all year long, Random Acts of Kindness Week is the perfect time to talk with students about good character, citizenship, respect, tolerance, and kindness toward others. To help you celebrate, here are 15 fun ideas you can do as a class to get your students actively engaged with the concepts of kindness.

1) List 100 Ways

Make a list of 100 ways to be kind to others. Write the list on poster-size paper or a banner and hang it in your classroom.

2) Create a Class Song About Kindness

Perform it for other classes at your school.

3) Write Poems or Stories Involving Kindness Concepts

Have students write their own, or let them work in groups, and then share their writing with the class.

4) Create Kindness Badges

Create badges that students can hand out to each other if they see someone else being kind or someone who needs some kindness.

5) Set up a Kindness Tree

Place a fake tree in your classroom and hang tags with acts of kindness written on them. Have each student choose a tag every day and perform the kindness act written on it at some point through the day.

6) Create a Kindness Board

Turn a bulletin board or wall into a Kindness Board and provide sticky notes or small pieces of paper. Encourage students to share kindness acts they witness others doing or to say “Thank You” to someone who did something for them.

7) Kindness Cards

Have students write and send postcards to hospitalized children or the siblings of hospitalized children to help cheer them up.

8) Kindness Calendar

Turn Random Acts of Kindness Week into Random Acts of Kindness MONTH. Create a classroom calendar with a kind act listed for each day, and encourage kids to perform the act for each day.

9) Show Appreciation

Have students write letters or make banners showing appreciation to behind-the-scenes staff (e.g. custodians, cooks, lunch monitors, security guards, etc.) at your school.


10) Thank-you Station

Set up a station with a box, paper, and pencils where students can write notes (signed or anonymous) to thank someone else for something. Read the notes out loud at the end of the week.

11) Make Videos

Let students create their own videos outlining kindness concepts. Have a screening (complete with popcorn) of all the videos at the end of the week.

12) Start a Kindness Club

Recruit students to be members of a Kindness Club that promotes concepts and acts of kindness all year long. Use this helpful Kindness Club Guide to get started.

13) Create a Culture of Positivity

Have students create banners with positive sayings on them to hang all around your school.


14) Make Bookmarks

Have each student create a bookmark with a positive saying, words of encouragement, or picture of an act of kindness. Visit your school library and have student leave their bookmarks in random books for others to find.

15) Kindness Rocks

Do a fun art project where students paint kindness rocks and leave them in random places in the community for strangers to find.

Kick off Random Acts of Kindness Week at your school by handing out buttons, dog tags, or wristbands promoting good character and citizenship. Then, try some of these fun ideas to reinforce kindness concepts and get your kids thinking about ways they can always be kind to others.

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